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MIPIM 2019 UKAA & Amber Energy Networking BBQ

Thursday 14th March 2019

As the sunset on another MIPIM the team from Amber Energy and Community Utilities joined with UKAA members and other guests for an exclusive BBQ at the Amber Energy HQ for the week in Cap D’Antibes,  situated about 15km from Cannes town centre. Nicks “Carbon” King and Proctor were in charge of cooking the 21 matured Argentinian steak, drinking the Australian red wine at the gas guzzling BBQ while Dan “Clean” Clegg and Tim “Clean” Stephen were preparing roasted vegetables, bread and salads at the modern efficient oven whilst supping the local wine from Chateau de Berne! The diverse group got straight into talking about Brexit and never really looked back! Roger Southam & Nigel Bosworth along with Howard and Sue from Real Service duelled over the impact of said event with little conclusion apart from the fact that it was a mess! Despite the variety of classic welsh music from the Manic Street Preachers and the likes there was limited dancing until Jane and Sarah from Fresh Student Living hit the dance floor! Food was taken and carriages whisked the guests back to Cannes after a very successful event!


Nick Proctor CEO of Amber Energy and James Doughty of Velohawk


Being the last day of the #carbonneutralcannes challenge #teamclean were sorely tempted with the non-vegan option but stayed strong until they both dismounted their Brompton bikes at their front doors to complete the challenge! There results of the challenge and how much carbon #teamclean were able to save of #teamcarbon will be launched over the next couple of weeks! Look out for the results on social media on the #carbonneutralcannes. Amber look forward to an expanded UKAA member event at MIPIM next year!



Sue Flatto, Howard Morgan and Louise Freethy of Real Service