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UKAA and Built-ID Project Workshop – BTR Question Library

Friday 25th September 2020

We are working with our partners, Built-ID, to create a library of expert and insightful poll questions that can be used on their community consultation platform, Give My View, that will resonate with the community in regard to the Build To Rent sector.

In the first instance, we intend to create a broad library of questions that are generic to different BTR schemes and locations, which can be easily customised if required, for specific projects. This library will enable users of to the Give My View digital community consultation platform, to access access ‘oven-ready’ expert, insightful questions that will resonate with residents in regard to Build To Rent projects..

We define the community in this instance as:

1. Residents which may be affected by any proposed developments, but do not, or will not live in the actual proposed accommodation,

2. Residents who may wish to be future tenants.

We would therefore like to invite you to a workshop on Friday 25th of September, facilitated by Built-ID, where you will adopt a community persona (predominantly based on the two community types above), and debate and upload ideas across a number of pre-agreed topics ‘live’ into a cloud-based Google document.

Built-ID will then translate these ideas into poll questions and feed these back to you for further input/approval.

There will be a pre-meet on the 23rd September where we will agree the community personas and topics that will help guide the workshop.

The outputs of this workshop will help drive greater engagement and understanding of Build To Rent amongst communities and residents from all walks of life, ultimately supporting the growth and success of the sector.

Please contact us if you would like to take part in the workshop.

Find out  more about Built-Id’s community consultation platfrom Give my View here