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UKAA BTR Awards – In connection with The UKAA Festival of Build To Rent 2020

Thursday 19th November

We are delighted to announce the inaugural Build To Rent Talent Recognition Awards – The BTRs working in partnership with Property Recruitment Company. 

This award ceremony will be part of the UKAA Festival of Build To Rent and we are planning this to be free for everyone to join.

The BTR awards celebrate and recognise the talented, hard-working and committed people who make up the Build to Rent sector. This year, we want to bring the industry together to celebrate the individuals, teams and companies that supported resident communities with comfort and connection in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

 These  awards recognise the people of the UK’s Build To Rent industry who are the day to day ambassadors  of our high standards of customer service and community building and sector growth. We intend these awards to champion best practice  and help foster a culture of sharing  across the UK’s fastest growing property class. 

The BTRs will be the most recognised and celebrated people awards in the sector.  

We are keen to encourage as many entries and nominations as possible. This is your opportunity  to highlight the contribution that your staff, colleagues and friends  are making to the success of your organisation or the development of the sector. In turn we feel the BTR’s will promote the professionalism and enterprise of our people across the wider Real Estate Sector. 


Judging panel: 


Submission Guidelines

There are submission guidelines per category which are listed below, please click on the category title to reveal the submission guidelines.

There is no set limit on word count but as a guide nominations should be 600 words or less (1 x A4 page) supported by other evidence such as pictures / videos and testimonial.

A short introduction about your company of around 300 words is required accompanied with specific context / background e.g. the building / team / background of an additional 300 words.

**Closing date for nominations is 30th October 2020**

The categories for the awards are (click to expand): 

    • Site Team of the year

      Criteria This award recognises sustained excellence in the collective efforts of a group of people / team on one or multiple sites. The Judges will be looking for evidence of this sustained excellence before, during and after Covid-19 lockdown, in areas such as;

      – Benefits to residents through effective teamwork

      – Remote events, projects, campaigns that demonstrate superb quality and innovation

      – Principles and behaviours that enable this team to be successful

      – Evidence of resident satisfaction, retention and feedback

      – Over-achievement in building on-boarding and lease-up

    • Team member of the year

      Criteria This award recognises the outstanding work of a team member who goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide excellent care for their residents, building or community in the wake of Covid-19. The judges in this category will be looking for evidence to support the nomination which could include examples of:

      – Outstanding Customer Service

      – An innovative and forward-thinking approach to Building Management

      – Championing of Resident Engagement

      – Amazing event management

      – Excellence in lease-up, renewal or other sales related activities

      – A body of achievements

      – Great feedback from residents about the team member

    • Community Initiative of the year

      CriteriaThis award recognises  a / person / team /company who have delivered an initiative that has benefitted the scheme’s community during Covid-19 and which may go beyond the scheme itself.  You will be able to  demonstrate engagement and innovation  and the judges will be looking for evidence of;

      – An innovative idea which enhanced the community

      – The approach and plan that made the initiative successful

      – The lasting impact of the initiative within the community

    • Judges Choice Award

      CriteriaNominations for the Judges Award Choice will be made by UKAA board and committee members and is intended to recognise an industry figure who has made an outstanding contribution during the pandemic.

The awards are open  to the entire Build To Rent community encompassing Operators, Suppliers, Investors Advisers and ConsultanciesThe awards will be judged against a robust criteria by an  independent  judging panel  from the Property and Hospitality sectors.

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