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UKAA Discussion Forum: navigating the new market, design innovation and site operation chaired by Siniat and Promat

Thursday 23rd July 2020

New UKAA members Siniat (leading drywall manufacturer) and Promat (fire protection specialists) are conducting a research exercise into the Build To Rent sector. The objective is to drive design and product innovation, and increase productivity on site, to help companies navigate the current market conditions.

Please do join us as a community of influencers to discuss:

What are the key build processes and design challenges, and how we can flourish in the ‘new normal’?

What innovation is required – from sustainability, to air quality, to data, to build speed – what are the most important performance requirements?

MMC – how can we as an industry work together to increase the use of MMCThe final report will be made available to all UKAA members.


Listen, learn, and discuss.

The discussion will be chaired by Siniat (leading drywall manufacturer) and Promat (fire protection specialist), part of Etex Building Performance.