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UKAA Roundtable: Furniture & Build To Rent

Wednesday 21st November 2018

The UKAA hosted a roundtable covering the furniture and BTR presented by Roomservice By CORT, hosted by Howard de Walden.

With so much focus on service and tenant experience, we wanted to discuss the approaches, experiences and opportunities when it comes to furnishing rental units – or not.

What do tenants prefer, and why, and how can we as operators and suppliers ensure we meet those needs and expectations.

  • All or nothing? Is there an argument for furnishing entire blocks? Or choosing not to furnish any properties at all?
  • Tenant Trends – is there a regional divide, or particular demographic that is more or less likely to want to fully furnished property?
  • Storage Wars – What’s the most economical solution for storing unwanted furniture?
  • Furnished for Life – how to approach replacement of furniture once they’ve reached the end of their lifecycle
  • Tenant Choice – should tenants be more in control of what they want and how can that be managed and delivered