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UKAA Special Edition Senior Leadership Forum

Wednesday 24th March 2021

For this particular Forum we are inviting you, as senior leaders and experienced BTR stakeholders, to take part in a special UKAA Best Practice Guide workshop.


The UKAA Best Practice Guide is a milestone project for the UKAA planned for release later this year. It is what might be considered the third iteration of the ULI Best Practice Guide with a twist. This Guide will be virtual and ‘live’. It is intended to be an evolving source of intel, insight and learning designed to serve the sector as it advances.


This “special edition” Senior Leadership Forum is your individual and the sector’s collective opportunity to help shape the Guide by providing input on what the sector needs from modern best practice and helping to define how we measure best practice.


We welcome, and indeed need, you to be part of this collaborative effort and thank you in advance for your participation.


Andrea Smith, the Guide’s Project Manager, will be joining the Forum to introduce the overarching ethos and plan for the Guide. We will also be joined by the UKAA’s Strategic Advisory Group members for their input and finally, the Guide’s Steering Committee who will each chair smaller working groups for the session to ensure we accurately garner your input.


We are really excited about this session and look forward to seeing you at the Forum.


Should you have any questions in advance, please get in touch directly: info@ukaa.org.uk.


If you are a UKAA member and have not received an invitation but would like to join, please get in touch through the ‘Book Now’ button below.