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UKAA Webinar: Faster lease up for a post-coronavirus world Presented by flatfair

Wednesday 15th July 2020

UKAA key partners flatfair  hosted a webinar for UKAA members on Wednesday 15th July at 10am.

As elements of the coronavirus lockdown continue to be lifted, there is set to be a flurry of activity in the rental market. Tenants are looking for new homes, and new developments are coming online. Having the ability to lease up quickly has never been more important. flatfair and fellow experts took us through everything we need to know to speed up lease up, and everything needed to get new homes filled.



Victoria Hardy – Head of Partnership Development, flatfair


Simon Scott MARLA – Director of Corporate Clients, flatfair

Clint Bartman – Managing Director – Asset Management, Strawberry Star

Pierre Melhado – Senior Managing Director of Operations Europe, CA Ventures

Sam Smith MARLA – Operations Director – Corporate PRS & BTR, Hamptons International

Peter Murphy – Managing Director, RightNowResidential


Webinar write-up

As Britain makes tentative moves to come out of lockdown, thousands of people are looking for a new home having been forced to spend months inside in their current place. On top of this, there is a boom of supply, with short-lets adding to the PRS market, and a backlog of developments coming online after their lanches were delayed by the global pandemic.

Because of this, it has never been a more important time to have fast efficient lease-up for Build-to-Rent developments. Flatfair and the UKAA brought together a panel of experts from Hamptons International, Strawberry Star Group, CA Management Services, Right Now Residential, and flatfair itself to
discuss everything you need to know about lease up, and how best to get new homes filled under the new challenges of a social distancing world.

The topics discussed included:

● What has happened to the rental market since the strictest restrictions were lifted in May
● Why the lettings market is so competitive at the moment
● How professional operators can stand out amongst the crowd of new properties on the
● What investors can do to encourage faster lettings
● What technical aspects can be utilised to speed up the process
● How new large buildings of 100 plus units can be let quickly
● What lies ahead for lettings activity in the coming months

It was a fascinating conversation, and we want to take the final opportunity to thank all of our panelists for taking part, and all of our viewers for tuning in. If you missed it, you can check out the entire discussion below. It’s not one to miss.


Watch webinar: