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UKAA Webinar – Heat Networks: Why do they matter & won’t they go away? Presented by Insite Energy

Tuesday 15th June

Heat Networks are increasingly designed into new build BTR developments, but they are not universally popular or welcome. In this webinar, Insite Energy will talk through why heat networks matter and the UK government policies & drivers which mean they’re here to stay. They will candidly explore the factors which can give Heat Networks a bad rep, and talk through the mitigation strategies which enable BTR developers & operators to reduce risk, get the best from Heat Networks, and ultimately benefit the most important stakeholders, your BTR residents.



  • Introductions
  • UK Heat Network landscape
  • Independent BTR Heat Network research
  • Specifying the best solution for your scheme
  • “Mind the gap!” – meetings the needs of Developers, Operators & Customers
  • Summary & Take-Away
  • Q&A


Emily Lister, Head of Business Development – Insite Energy

Emily has over 6 years of experience in the energy industry, with focus on district and communal heating systems and solutions. Having developed and delivered solutions covering all aspects of heat network management from financing through to maintenance across a wide range of schemes, Emily now focuses on working with clients to develop service packages that meet the needs of each individual development; specifically surrounding metering & billing strategies to ensure best value for both client and customer.