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UKAA Webinar: How Has Lockdown Influence Exercise & Nutritional Habits? Presented by motive8

Thursday 4th June 2020

We were joined by motive8 for an insight on how Covid-19 and lockdown has influenced exercise and nutritional habits. We looked at how this may influence the provision of fitness and wellbeing services in the future.


  • Types of exercise people have started participating in since lockdown
  • Reasons why people are exercising and how this may influence exercise provision in the future
  • Predictions of what modes of exercise will remain popular post lockdown
  • How nutritional habits have changed
  • How you can continue to build a community online (without the need to visit a gym)

Jenny Cromack, Director – motive8

Presentation slides can be found here: Motive8 Webinar Slides

Watch webinar: