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UKAA Webinar: Hygiene Secure – Practical guidance on protecting residents and developments post-COVID presented by HPS Services

Tuesday 30th June 2020

On Tuesday 30th June we presented a webinar hosted by UKAA Key Partners HPS Services.

HPS defined a simple and practical explanation of some of the latest trends and innovations available to the Build To Rent sector to help Operators provide Hygiene Secure environments for their residents and communities. We were taken from education and signage to the latest technological and biological innovations. 


Oliver Ringsby-Burgess – Group Managing Director, HPS Services


Webinar highlights:

Understanding Covid-19: Coronavirus is classified as “enveloped virus” and falls into the group of viruses that are easiest to deactivate.

The virus can be deactivated by virucidal sanitising agents, at least 60% alcohol products, High temperatures and high humidity.

How does it spread: Fine droplets (1-5 micrometres in size) can remain airborne for several hours in still air. Droplets settle on surfaces faster in disturbed air – Keep air moving!

Taking “Soft” measures: Build confidence by having sanitisation regimes, anti-microbial treatments, sanitiser stations. Educate residents about what you are doing to protect them.

Taking “Hard” measures: Advanced measures are available to protect against the virus such as RDS Thermal Fever Screening, Radic8 viruskiller standalone filters, CosaTron installed filters (HVAC systems) and clear concierge desk barriers.

Micro-Biological Defence: ATP testing, combined with residual measures such as Citrox and Zoono should be considered as very effective methods to protect surfaces on an ongoing basis.


Watch webinar:

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