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UKAA Webinar: Living in the Next Normal Presented by Silk Road, Optim & Touchstone

Tuesday 13th October 2020

History has taught us it’s best to talk to people when the product or service you’re interested in is being stressed to the maximum. Lockdown provided a unique, and hopefully one off, opportunity to talk to people about how they were finding their home during this time and if given the chance with what they’d experienced, what they’d look for when renting or buying their next home.

The research we carried out was interesting due to it being carried out midway through lockdown, but more so because like everything else, it signalled the escalation of importance the same key themes we’ve seen emerging over the past five years. COVID-19 has accelerated trends across all categories: be it retailers suddenly going out of business due to burying their heads in the sand about online; or restaurant chains ignoring the rise of the independents. Kodak ignored the emerging trends, don’t let this be you.

The customer is now in control and needs to be at the centre of everything from design to service. We went through the research and then the panel reflected on how it will impact their clients.



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