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UKAA Webinar – Property management visits performed remotely

Tuesday 14th April 2020

Please join us for our first UKAA webinar during this time of constant change.
Inventroty Hive will be our hosts on Tuesday 14th April at 9.30am covering current issues around how to best conduct property management visits remotely. The webinar will cover the following points:

  • Maintain, document and communicate tenancy compliance standards.
  • Identify maintenance issues with remote tenant photo upload and audit-trailed e-signature (EU legally binding compliant).
  • Residents still feel interest is being taken in their occupation with any problems reported electronically.
  • Investors/Management given some security about the state of their property via automated PDF report sharing tools.
  • Investors/Management can be more prepared for any works that need carrying out, or make contingencies for the future.
  • Prevents back-log of Management Visits building-up during social distancing period.

Our presenter will be Richard Abbots, Founder of Inventory Hive.

A Q&A session will take place toward the end of the webinar.