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UKAA Webinar: Safe ways to manage access – Emerging from Covid-19 Presented Klevio

Tuesday 15th September 2020

We were joined alongside Klevio on Tuesday 15th September at 10am BST for a UKAA webinar looking at safe access.

We are emerging from COVID-19 with safe ways to manage access in residential property and shared spaces. Workforce leaders around the world are desperately trying to restructure workplaces in order to be more secure after the breakout of the pandemic of coronavirus.

Needless to say, COVID-19 won’t disappear overnight. We must therefore try and do our best to prevent it from spreading further. In this webinar Klevio offer some practical solutions and suggestions on how to manage access in this new reality we are now facing.


  • Handling check-ins without meeting in person
  • Touch-free access to secure properties
  • Retrofitting – smart locks, smart doors, automatic doors
  • Making access improvements within regulation – insurance, fire regulations
  • Security regulations

Watch webinar: