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UKAA Webinar: The Building Blocks of Brand – Supercharging Your BTR Development Presented by Rowdy Studio

Tuesday 9th March 2021

On Tuesday 9th March we were joined alongside a superstar line-up from Rowdy Studio. 

The BTR sector promises an enhanced lifestyle for generation rent: better management, more amenities, and higher standards of living in often desirable locations.

Following on from our recent paper on the subject, we look at how strategic branding can help developers, investors and managers to land these benefits with their target audiences and win attention, sentiment and spend in this increasingly competitive market.



Speaker on the day were:


Ellis Hockin-Boyers – Client Partnership Director, Rowdy Studio

Ellis is an experienced business developer and marketing professional who thrives on building strong client relationships and long-term strategic partnerships.


Lisa Clarke – Founder and Managing Director, Rowdy Studio

Lisa is a strategic and commercial leader, with over 15 years’ experience shaping, designing and directing award winning brands—from start-ups and scale-ups, to FTSE100 companies.


Halley Anne Kennedy – Creative Director, Rowdy Studio

Halley Anne is an award-winning creative who crafts intelligent and impactful solutions for our clients. Halley Anne leads our creative team in everything from insight and strategy, to concepts and implementation.


If you missed the webinar you are now able to watch the session below. Here are useful timestamps:

2:40 minutes

An introduction to Rowdy Studio and our practice. Based around our central philosophy of Noise & Order, we explain how our practice is designed to blend sound strategy with loud ideas, big thinking and practical outputs – all with the ultimate objective of building brands that deliver.

5:20 minutes

An overview of ‘where we are now’ in the market from Ellis to provide context for our position on brand in Build to Rent. Within this is considered the upward trend of investment, the maturation of the pipeline, and the sector’s increasing adoption of tech solutions that can provide benefits for them and their residents.

7:40 minutes

Halley Anne discusses the role of brand in guiding decisions, shaping perceptions and boosting business growth. Here we discuss brand as an internal and external driver, how brand relates to the Build to Rent market and where it is now, some of the components that make up successful brands, and how businesses can use brand to build more understanding with both internal and external audiences.

17:30 minutes

Lisa goes over the 3 key building blocks for BtR brands to consider in order to supercharge their developments – Defining your story, shaping your experience, and building your community – and looks at some of the components to consider when establishing these for your brand.

23:30 minutes

An in depth look from Halley at a case study from our own work that exemplifies what we had spoken about before – Occu a build to rent offering in Ireland that distinguishes itself from the traditionally difficult Irish rental market with a personal, flexible, customer focused style. Halley gives examples of communications, design language, verbal identity and key messages and how these knit together to build an effective overall experience.

33:00 minutes

Halley and Lisa discuss how Occu’s brand strategy has contributed to results from a commercial perspective.

35:10 minutes

Q&A with Dave and the Rowdy team – with questions including the usefulness of BtR as a consumer facing term, the value of partnerships, and the differences between branding a stand-alone development.


Watch Webinar: