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UKAA Webinar: The External Wall System (EWS1) Update – Part 3 Presented by Ringley

Tuesday 2nd February 2021


Is your building safe?

Following our updates last year we invited you back for a webinar alongside Ringley to re-visit and explain the the new EWS1 updates.

Three years on from the Grenfell tragedy, there are still 2,000 buildings covered with dangerous cladding materials according to the Housing, Communities and Local Government (HCLG) committee.

It is now impossible to get a mortgage on a building higher than 18 metres (around five to six floors) without an EWS1 form to certify that the cladding on residential blocks is safe.

The External Wall System (EWS) in many high rise blocks is often made up of the outside wall of a residential building, including cladding, insulation, fire break systems.

Agenda :
– General Current Guidance
– Building Safety Fund New Deadlines
– RICS Announcements
– Q & A



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