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UKAA Webinar: The New Safety Case Demystified For Investors, Lenders and Managers

Thursday 18th August

Join us on 18th August to discuss how the new safety case impacts investor and lenders regarding their investment and the risks at enterprise level that every investment will be facing. In addition, due diligence and questions that need now to be asked (ensuring your investment is in safe hands).



  1. Define the difference between a Safety Case and a Safety Case Report.
  2. The Safety Case and Accountability – demystify the uncertainty of why, who, where and when?
  3. Enterprise risk assessment/ESG – considering the impact on the investment
  4. Preparing the safety case – outlining and considering what information is needed and how these can be gathered.
  5. The Safety Case – developing your single source of truth
  6. The Safety Case report – structuring your report



Brendan Geraghty, CEO – UKAA

Architect, design and development strategist Brendan Geraghty is a recognised Build to Rent (BTR) thought leader who has been active in the sector since 2011. Brendan is known for actively championing the integration of consumer culture in BTR with a ‘brand before building’ approach. Brendan combines deep generalist and broad specialist knowledge, creating structured development and consumer centric BTR strategies, integrating consumer culture principles with investment requirements. He has spent 16 years in senior roles, including with Centred Architecture, Optim and Geraghty Taylor Architects, before becoming CEO of UKAA (the UK Apartment Association) in 2022.


David Hills – Ark Workplace Risk Senior Director


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