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UKAA Webinar: Why Construction Technology Is So Important Presented by Osborne Clarke

Thursday 3rd September 2020

This webinar was held on Thursday 3rd September at 9am presented by Osborne Clarke

From 3D printing, to AI, to modular building and much more, new technologies in construction have the potential to transform the industry. But the uptake on these technologies has been slow, perhaps because of inherent problems with the tools themselves, or perhaps because of the legal and practical hurdles that exist.

Robert Adjetey of Osborne Clarke and Jamie Hillier of Akerlof looked at why construction technology is so important to the future of all forms of construction, and how the barriers to adoption can be overcome. They discussed various aspects of construction technology, and invited questions and comments from the audience in an attempt to navigate through some of the challenges and opportunities that the technology presents.


Robert Adjetey – Senior Associate, Osborne Clarke’s construction and engineering disputes

Jamie Hillier – Founding partner of Akerlof


Watch webinar: