As the UK’s leading supplier of high-quality tenant referencing, revenue generation, and specialist protection for professional letting and managing agents. We’re proud to deliver an unparalleled level of service to help our customers grow and offer an invaluable service to their tenants and landlords.


Customer service is at the heart of what we do, and we’re dedicated to building strong, lasting, and profitable relationships with our Build-to-Rent partners. Our expertise, combined with an innovative approach and customer feedback, drives our proposition’s continual development.


Intelligent tenant referencing


Over 5,000 UK letting agents trust our group as their high-quality tenant referencing partner, and to date, our expert teams have completed over 14.5 million references on behalf of our customers.


When looking for long-term tenants, all necessary checks need to be thorough to ensure that the tenants are acceptable and can pay their rent continuously. Combining exceptional customer service with the best technology allows us to track and assess potential tenants using real-time information. Our wealth of data and years of experience mean our market-leading checks offer our customers peace of mind.


Our Intelligent Referencing will return a complete and detailed check within two working hours of receiving the application, and we complete 80% of applications on the same day.


The UK’s trusted Rent Protection scheme


We also understand that tenants’ circumstances can change, non-payment of rent and substantial legal eviction costs can seriously affect customer retention. With Rent Guarantee, if a tenant fails to pay their rent, we’ll cover it. We’ll ensure you receive your monthly rent payable up to 15 months or vacant possession. We’ll also cover £100,000 in legal expenses and continue the rental payments should the tenant defend the claim. We also offer products to support our customers during and after the tenancy; with Rent Guarantee, we protect over £1.2 billion in annualised rent for over 100,000 properties across the private rented sector.


Driving innovation


To help customers work smarter, not harder, we’ve designed our new Pre Tenancy system with features developed on actual feedback from our customers. By listening to our customers, we have streamlined the system to ensure a seamless pre-tenancy experience.


The Pre Tenancy system allows users to see what is happening at every stage in real-time to help keep track of applications more effortless and transition coherently into the referencing process once pre-tenancy is completed. It also provides a suite of template tenancy documentation, all of which can be edited and signed electronically.


Whether it’s market-leading referencing or bespoke products for Build-to-Rent, letting agents, tenants, or landlords, we’re here to grow and support the UK’s vibrant Private Rented Sector.

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