Exclusive Free Offers

Exclusive & Free Offers for UKAA members

View, Inspect and Check your properties with Viewber

Viewber would like to offer UKAA members a unique trial of Viewber's last mile services.

Choose one of the following - for free...

  • Up to 5 free 30 min viewing or virtual viewing slots
  • Up to 5 recorded Whatsapp walk through recordings
  • Up to 5 free inspections [or one block inspection as preferred]
  • A 360 tour of any property
  • A Viewber as an assistant for up to three hours [for a busy launch or house sitting]
  • Up to three hours of sitting and waiting for contractors
  • Up to 15 completion or move ins

Viewber very much hopes UKAA members will find a unique last mile UK wide service, bookable online at any time, will help save management costs and time and improve the capital value of their clients' investments and enable easier management of geographically spread out investments. Turn fixed costs into variable ones whilst still reacting as you need to demand.

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