BREAKOUT STREAM 2: Accessing the $8 billion corporate lets market

A review of the available routes into the market, and the steps needed to get there.

Presented by Merilee Karr, Under the Doormat Group with Deborah Heather and Paolo Rigutto, Reach UK


Merilee Karr is the CEO and Founder of UnderTheDoormat Group encompassing; UnderTheDoormat Managed, professionally hosted short-term lets; Hospiria, a SaaS + Service software to simplify distribution and operations and TrustedStays, a government and corporate focussed booking platform. Passionate about professionalising the growing industry, she is elected Chair for UK Short Term Accommodation Association, working with BEIS, HMRC, Westminster Council and MHCLG. An accomplished speaker on TV, radio and at industry events, she has many prestigious accolades, including JP Morgan’s Top Female Powered Companies and the Rapid Response Award by Estate Gazette (2021), and the Business Woman of the Year (2019).


Deborah Heather is CEO of Quality Int’l Assessment Services (QIAS), home of Quality in Tourism (QT). QIAS is an international assessment and accreditation company working across sectors including Tourism, Hospitality, Property and Further Education, primarily assessing quality, compliance and customer service. Deborah has over 25 years of hospitality, tourism and travel experience; an award winning ex-Hotel Managing Director and a graduate of Cornell University General Managers program. Deborah and her team have evolved a new type of accreditation, focussed on the consumer and operator needs. Having thrown away the rule book; there are neither prescriptive quality standards nor designators; the Quality in Tourism accreditation is about creating trust with consumers and supporting operators in their continuous improvement journey. Partnering with the STAAA, PASC and ASSC, QIAS is now the largest hospitality accreditation body in the UK. The accreditation is featured in Which? magazine and recommended to consumers. QIAS designed and operate a comprehensive set of accreditations and awards underpinned by entry level scheme, Safe, Clean & Legal™. The accreditations include the QT version of Quality Star Ratings, REST, (Responsible, Ethical and Sustainable), WellBMe (Wellbeing and Mental Health accreditation) and F.A.R.E (Food: Authentic, Responsible, Ethical), as well as access and inclusive awards, and Great 4’s to help operators market to potential guests. Working towards B-Corp status, QIAS is a consumer focussed 3rd party, independent accreditation body working across the sectors, QIAS can help any business where Property, Hospitality and Sustainability is key.


Paolo Rigutto Reach UK