BTR – how do you differentiate yourself from other providers?

There are currently over 42,400 operational BTR units in the UK, with the delivery of new BTR units increasing at an average rate of 54% per annum since 2015. Despite a further 10,000 units completing in 2020, the rate of growth stalled because of lockdown measures and social distancing. However, the trend is expected to bounce back sharply with a 65% increase in 2021, with 16,340 units set to be built. More than 20,000 units are currently due to complete from 2022 and beyond. Industry growth brings along increased competition. So how do you differentiate?

Key areas of focus

– The lead to lease journey – how seamless are your systems?
– The renter experience – lessons from the HomeViews Build To Rent Report 2022
– The competition – what helps set you apart from other providers?
– The cost of living – how are you providing more value for money to your residents?



Justin Harley, Regional Director at Yardi

Justin Harley is a residential real estate visionary with over 17 years’ experience in building and implementing software solutions to make portfolios operationally efficient. Harley joined Yardi in 2019 as Regional Director and has dedicated his time ensuring clients and software seekers are adopting the most appropriate tech solutions for their businesses.


Location: The Expo Stage

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