Capex, Opex and Lifecycle – Achieving the Perfect Blend

A presentation on how to achieve the optimum Whole Life Cost for a BTR project by making good decisions on Design, Specification and Operations.

Iain Murray is the Senior Director of BTR Consultancy (Europe) for Cortland Consult with over 30 years of Whole Life Cost Modelling experience including building the Lifecycle Models for Education, Health and Defence Estates and now BTR.



Iain Murray, Senior Director BTR Consultancy (Europe) at Cortland Consult

Iain has been building Whole Life Cost models since the early 1990’s, he jokes that he is in real danger of being around at the end of the original 30-year Lifecycle Models he built back then. He has unrivalled experience in the BTR sector working on over 50k of homes to date.


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