Customer experience…putting the renter first

he journey into rental living for a renter has fallen behind other parts of the new homes industry and with the growing BTR sector it deserves to be treated the same. At Focus XP our role within that is to provide renters the best customer experience possible in the physical environment when they are searching for a new home.
Through data and insights, working with specialists in the Focus Group, we can identify the audience and tailor the experience to match renters styles, wants and needs whilst delivering a consistent approach for BTR operators. Our team of interior and technical designers can provide a journey that starts with the first time a renter visits a site whether that be to an office space, a sales space on or off site, through to when they live there and they enjoy the community spaces, gyms, studios, co-work lounges and roof terraces.
If we put the renters customer experience first we give ourselves the best chance to recruit them to live at our development, as well as retain them to renew.
This is one part of a renters overall customer experience – from first enquiry to moving in – and so it needs to be considered and planned for, not just a function or formality.


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