BREAKOUT STREAM 2: Designing for Operation with Smart Technology

The journey to optimum efficiency – from design to operation

Panel discussion, hosted by David Minnis, Edgington Urban
Panel: Muir Baxter, SmartRent; Magnus Leask, Hoare Lea; Alastair Mullens, Vertus, Canary Wharf Group; Glyn Fordham TLJ Access Control


Muir Baxter, SmartRent – Muir Baxter has more than 15 years of experience in high-end residential and technology markets and is the UK Sales Director for SmartRent, a US-based enterprise smart home automation company catering to the needs of property owners, managers, and homebuilders, Muir commands all sales activity in the United Kingdom and has pioneered the company’s growth in this market since joining SmartRent in 2020.




Magnus Leask, Hoare Lea – Magnus Leask is a Director at Hoare Lea working as their IT lead. Following his Masters from Southampton University in Information Systems, Magnus’s started in the Sports Marketing ICT space, designing and delivering ICT solutions for major sporting events across 20 countries, including the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup experience. In his role, Magnus works across a variety of sectors, but focuses upon residential schemes, including BTR, market focused and later Living. When creating a smart apartment block, consideration should be given to both the Landlord spaces as well as the apartments. Tenant experience must be exceptional and this can be achieved by ensuring all Core Building Systems are connected and operate collectively. Within the apartments ensuring the tenant or owner has complete control over the apartment from both a functionality, management and efficiency, ensuring all systems are integrated and operate as one. Magnus’s and Hoare Lea’s residential clients include Legal & General, Land Securities and Argent.


Alastair Mullens, Vertus, Canary Wharf Group – Alastair joined Canary Wharf Group in 2018, to establish the Canary Wharf Group’s (CWG) Build-to-Rent platform, Vertus. He is currently overseeing the delivery of three seed assets totalling 1,137 units, all based on the Canary Wharf Estate. The first new residential tenants moved in in February 2020. He is now working closely with CWG’s development team to design and envision the future phases of private rental product for the Estate.



Glyn Fordham TLJ Access Control – Glyn Fordham is TLJ’s specialist Business Development Manager for the BTR, PRS, Multi-Family Residential and Co-living sector. With over a decade working in Smart Building Infrastructure, Glyn combines formidable technical product knowledge with practical site implementation experience. As a result, he is able to work with the client and their contractors to develop an integrated access control solution precisely tailored to each individual project.