Tech Talk – The future of technology in buildings – WiredScore

What do renters want from a digital connectivity experience: A deep dive into the digital needs and preferences of renters, including a forward look into future technology trends and how they will impact renters’ requirements.

Designing best in class digital infrastructure: An overview of how to design digital infrastructure which is built to provide for renters needs today and in the future. We will explain how to avoid the common pitfalls, mitigate the risks, and the different supplier models available in the market.

Positioning a building in the market: A look at the decision-making process of renters and how landlords are harnessing their digital connectivity to attract renters to their buildings, and justify rents.


Stephanie Barbabosa, Head of Build to Rent (Multifamily), International Operations, Lendlease Development – Europe

Henry Pethybridge, Head of Special Projects