BREAKOUT STREAM 2: The importance of the customer to the bottom line

Presented by James Fenner, Audra Lamoon and Brendan Geraghty, Optim


James Fenner – James worked as a brand and strategic consultant across a variety of industries and brings knowledge of how other sectors work to property. Coming from a customer and future stance, James offers a very different approach to property design and marketing. Together with running a property marketing consultancy James has been a keynote speaker at events such as MIPIM, RESI, PW Student Living and PW Retirement Living.



Audra Lamoon – Audra was a ‘failed air hostess’ who decided to conquer her lack of customer service skills (due to air sickness) and travel to America in her late teens; to see how it was really done! Collecting ‘experiences’, she returned to the UK after 2 years and worked in the hospitality industry training Cross Channel Ferry, Hovercraft, Hotel and Retail in hospitality to name a few. After 7 years in the city of London as a consultant in one of the big 5; she formed her own company. That was 20 years ago and hasn’t looked back. With clients in the UK, USA and Middle East, she collects and shares her experiences, creating unique learning opportunities for a vast range of clients. Laser focused on people, property and service, she has amassed great clients like The Walt Disney Company, Hines, The Atlanta Braves, Bank of New York Mellon, Hammerson, Greystar, Invesco and The Canary Wharf Group.


Brendan Geraghty, Optim – An Architect / Design and Development Strategist with multiple sector experience and sixteen years in senior project and business roles. Specialising in the residential sector, active in the Build to Rent (BTR) market since 2011 and recognised as a BTR thought leader. Demonstrates a unique ability to combine deep generalist and broad specialist knowledge, creating structured development and consumer centric BTR strategies integrating the principles of consumer culture with investment requirements. Brendan creates customer experience, architecture, construction solutions that are designed around the customer and deliver improved ROI.