The BTR Game part 2: The Operations Pitch – Staffing / Placemaking / Marketing / Leasing

This morning, the teams were asking you to invest in them. This afternoon they have to persuade you, as potential residents and employees to choose to live and work in their scheme.
Each team will pitch their marketing, employment, lease-up and placemaking strategies.

Again, you vote for your preferred scheme on two questions:
i) Which scheme would you choose to rent in?
ii) Which scheme would you want to work in?

Our expert panel will challenge the teams and you will have the chance to ask questions and to gain further insight into the real issues facing us all in creating successful BTR schemes for our customers and colleagues.


Team 1: Team Goldilocks – Suburban / Low density:
• The Creative, Martin Lawless, Lawless
• The Operator, Tristram King – Touchstone
• The Operator, Stephanie Douglas – Touchstone
• The Creative, Constance Jaggard – Conductor

Team 2: Team Cultivate – Urban / Medium Density:
• The Investor / Developer, Todd Marler, Greystar
• The Architect, Brendan Geraghty, Geraghty Taylor
• The Creative, Matt Ede, Greystar
• The Adviser, Gunnar Larsson, G Larsson Properties

Team 3: Bricking It Ltd – Central / High Density
• The Investor / Developer Rebecca Taylor, Long Harbour
• The Architect, Simon Saint, Woods Baggot
• The Adviser, Peter Wyatt, Knight Frank
• The Creative, Steve Edge, Steve Edge Design

Expert Panel:
• Sebastian Moritz, Director, MORICON Consultants Ltd.
• Audra Lamoon, Chief Happiness Officer, Livewire Performance Consultants
• Anish Thobhani, Director of Customer Operations, Grainger PLC