The Future Home

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There’s no crystal ball available that will tell you what the home of the future will look like, but there are key trends which when taken into account will help ensure you’re future proofing your home design as much as possible. We consider these key trends and look into what real estate and other categories are doing to help them stay a step ahead. We can’t tell you exactly what to include in your offer to residents, but we can provide you with key insights and indicators to take into account in developing your unique offer and to ensure you don’t get left behind.

The talk will be given by Brendan Geraghty of Geraghty Taylor and James Fenner of Silk Road Marketing. They have joined forces on a new venture, Optim, which ensures clients create homes which are more aspirational, relevant and valued than what’s produced by companies who ignore the key trends and the evolving customer requirements.



Brendan Geraghty, Director of Geraghty Taylor

James Fenner, Managing Director of Silk Road Marketing




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