What are your residents really thinking and feeling? Insights from 90Degrees and Innovation Bubble

What are your tenants really thinking and feeling and what do they want?

If you are only interested in their conscious responses then you are missing out. That’s because human behaviour is driven about 90% by our unconscious, our hidden motivations, habits and emotions that guide our intuition.

Join this session to gain a stronger understanding of the emotional triggers that really drive enquiries as well as the nudges you could employ to better close sales.
Learn why many tenants don’t use the amenities you have invested in and what might represent smarter design investments going forward.

Learn how to take an in-depth understanding of the customer and integrate into the ways in which operational staff are recruited and trained.

The insights conducted by The Horizon Project has the potential to help the UK BTR sector create a world leading customer experience and with it the growth that so many analysts are predicting.


Merrilee Karr, CEO, UnderTheDoormat and Chairperson, UK Short Term Accommodation Association

• Steve Byrne, 90degrees
• Katharina Wittgens, Managing Director, Innovation Bubble