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The UKAA Best Practice Guide has launched

Organisation renews call for donations and content

We at the UK Apartment Association (UKAA) are excited to have launched the UKAA Best Practice Guide (BPG) at April’s 2022 Expo. The BPG is the industry’s compendium, with content by members for members.

On Thursday, June 24, 2021, the UKAA initiated a call for content to create the Guide. Members responded, sharing their expertise and experience.

The BPG currently has more than 74 articles with more in the pipeline, covering topics from design and funding through development and construction to mobilisation and operation. The dynamic nature of the industry is reflected in its content, and we renew the call to members to share their knowledge with written and digital contributions.

Watch a guided tour of the Best Practice Guide website

The aim of the BPG is to support the BTR community and improve the way we do business, by sharing knowledge and de-risking the sector for investors, developers, operators and suppliers.

The BPG harnesses the practical knowledge gained in the development and operation of BTR schemes over the last few years. It updates the forward-looking guidance contained in the ULI Design Guide and complements the CREFC Guide to Financing Principles.

We have exhibited the tech and early content in the beta version; now we are ready to demonstrate the next phase. (The completed site is expected to launch in August 2022).

In July 2021 the UKAA called on its members and friends to help fund the Guide. Again, the response was positive and more than 50% of the £150,000 target has been raised. Another £75,000 is necessary to complete the work and we renew the call on members, both individual and corporate, to contribute.

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The Best Practice Guide is major piece of work which will drive, develop and improve standards for UK BTR.

To contribute content, offer financial support or if you have any queries, please contact Roberta Anderson, UKAA Best Practice Guide Project Manager:

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